Beyond writing


I’ve grown accustomed to the blank look I receive when I tell people I majored in Professional Writing. The reaction is expected; still, I have a problem explaining the skills and knowledge I acquired through four years of education and internships, but only because they are so expansive.

To me, writing is more than words on paper or a phone. Engaging design, communicating technical information, and even video editing all stem from the core of writing, which is to connect to audiences.
Whether it’s sparking someone’s interest with a single ad or using empathy to improve user experience, I take pride in creating meaningful interactions, especially through digital spaces.

Throughout my educational and professional experience, I have been constantly creating, either on my own or with an awesome team. I’m always excited to take on the next audience, whether it’s a single client or millions of unknown users.

I’m also an avid sit-com watcher, animal-lover, and, according to my family, film snob.