Designing wireframes for Greater Lansing project

gantt chart

The Greater Lansing project involved creating wireframes for a website meant to inform residents in the Great Lansing area about ongoing or upcoming community projects. Our main goal for this project was to create wireframes for the Our Michigan Ave website. We made as many wireframes of what we thought would be the most visited or viewed pages of the website.

After creating these wireframes, we were tasked with conducting user research on them, specifically with college students from Michigan State University. The user research was focused on what students thought of the layout and design of the website through the wireframes, and get their feedback on what they wanted to see and be able to find easily. We discovered if they found the site easy to navigate and if the information that they wanted to find was easily accessible. Afterwards, we reiterated the wireframes, implementing new ideas and design based on our findings with the user research.

Balsamiq wireframes of the community website home page (left) and contact page (right)


My two team members and I managed the project using a Gantt chart, conducted user research, met with our client regularly and used Balsamiq software to create wireframes.

We presented our findings and recommendations to the client in a final report and presentation.