Content Strategy for Pups Paradise

A screenshot of presentation to the client
A screenshot of presentation to the client

Together with two team members, I developed a content strategy plan for Pups Paradise [sic], a dog daycare and boarding facility located in Toledo, Ohio.

The purpose of the content strategy plan was to evaluate the business’s website and offer the owner recommendations on how to improve the site based on user research, a heuristic evaluation, and our own professional expertise with accessibility standards and editing written content.

We delivered the plan to our client in a presentation and final report, which included wireframes built using Balsamiq, a style guide, a breakdown of the research results, fully re-written, page-by-page content, and explanations of our reasoning.

This project¬†was not only a rewarding experience, but also offered a slew of¬†unexpected learning moments regarding the reality of how people interact with websites. For example, the site’s layout and color scheme at first appear too simplistic and outdated compared to most slick websites themes advertised today. However, by sitting down and watching dog owners use the site, I discovered that the warm tones and friendly, descriptive text invited the users. For the purpose of this business (and very busy owner), a complete re-design was unnecessary.


Wireframe of the re-structured homepage. Created with Balsamiq


Instead, a simple transition to a more accessible and mobile-friendly WordPress theme, improved SEO and some easy restructuring of the content was the most helpful advice we could deliver to our client.

View the full content strategy plan.