The add a lesson page
The “Add a Lesson” page. Open image in new tab to expand.

Along with two team members, I researched and designed an entirely new web application called MIBinder. Its purpose is to provide Michigan secondary education teachers with a space to share and remix lesson plans as well as connect with other teachers around Michigan. Ideally, the connections beginning on MIBinder would help foster mentorship between teachers and improve learning for students by providing a space for teachers to share their best ideas and lessons with one another.

My group and I surveyed and interviewed real teachers, used UX (user experience) principles to design and plan for every interaction on the website, developed a style guide, created several prototypes, and synthesized all of our information in a final report. Although MIBinder has not been developed, the use cases, user rules and limitations, and designs are completely ready for this next step.

Read the MIBinder final report.