Research for the MSU Museum


At MSU I completed a course that focused on methods of user research, how best to conduct them, and how to respect the time and confidentiality of research participants. I received in-person and online training to receive a certificate of completion for MSU’s Human Research Protection Requirements. In the final project forĀ this class I worked with three team members to research the environments in which students currently study and if some of these practices could be implemented in the MSU Museum in order to attract students.


comparative analysis
Comparative Analysis


By carefully planning and splitting up responsibilities, my group was able to perform a , on-site observational visits, a survey, a literature review, and several in-person interviews. We synthesized our findings and delivered our knowledge and recommendations to our clients with a client presentation and deliverables.

This project served as another reminder how often research can surprise us. For example, most of our group members like to sit in comfortable chairs to study, but our research revealed most students prefer hard tables and chairs. For industries even as different as academia and entertainment, it isĀ important to perform research thoroughly in order to make informed decisions and not waste resources due to poor assumptions.