Writing for the MSU Human Resources blog

One of my primary responsibilities as a communications and marketing intern at MSU Human Resources was maintaining its blog and social media accounts. The purpose of the blog was to communicate important HR-related news to MSU faculty and staff, as well as offer community news, health tips, and even gift ideas Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

I wrote in a voice that matched the tone that had been established within HR Communications: friendly and concise. HR is an important entity for employees anywhere; this blog itself is a resource, and I was able to market it that way. Each month the communications manager, web master, and I sat down and planned out the blog and social media posts for the next month. I completed blog posts and their corresponding social media teases a day or more ahead of time to allow the communications manager time to review it, and used WordPress, Facebook, and Hootsuite to publish and schedule the posts.

I believe that writing for this blog for more than a year greatly increased my writing skills, especially regarding wording on sensitive or particular subjects. To top it off, I had fun researching community events each month and conducting the occasional interview.

All of my blog posts are archived on sourcelive.hr.msu.edu between May 2015 to August 2016. Here are a few samples:

Get informed during American Heart Month

Thank You, award-winning RHS and IPF!

Events and gifts for Father’s Day

Remember to power down before vacation

Build a positive relationship with food in How to Eat course